Call for Abstracts

Deadline for Abstract Submission 08 November 2019
(Last Day)

You do not need to send full paper. If you do not send your full paper, it will not be published. When you do not send it as full paper, your abstract will be published.

Please send your abstract to the following e mail address:


The title of the Paper must be written in font size 12. The title should be in uppercase and must be centered. The title must be short and relevant to the topic. The title must not exceed 12 words. 
Title, Author Name, Institution, E. mail
Title, Author Name, Institution, E. Mail
Title, Author Name, Institution, E. Mail
The abstract must be written in Calibri font size 10 and the text should be justified. The abstract must not exceed 150 words.  Immediately after the abstract, provide a minimum of 3  keywords.

Keywords: Maximum five words.

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